The Foundation


The 1901 Maecene Arts Foundation promotes artists by organizing free cultural events.

Founded in 2013 in Brive-la-Gaillarde, it has been established since 2016 in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux and Paris, Sophia Antipolis in 2019, Monaco in 2023. It was recognized of general interest on November 30, 2015.


The Board of Directors is made up of 10 members.

Maecene Arts office:

President: Laurent Cadeau, lawyer, writer, artistic expert, specialized in corporate sponsorship and tax exemption.

Vice-President, artistic Director: Marie-Helene Barreau Montbazet, Doctor in art history, art critic.

Executive Vice-President: Loïc Jacqueline

Secretary-General: Delphine Picoty

Treasurer: Pierre Bonnet

Supported artists

Maecene Arts supports a pool of artistic talents. The Maecene Arts label is based on the formation, exhibitions, works in museum, artistic collaborations ... of the artists referenced. It offers a guarantee of quality for collectors.


Maecene Arts is based on decisive meetings for its founder Laurent Cadeau since 1992 with Louis Toffoli, Fidel Bofill and Andre Laban. The association's office relies on more than a hundred exhibitions organized with the help of institutions.

Many artists have been promoted, Pierre Bernotte, Guy Salesse, Michel Franco, Jacques Barry, Claude Berton, Stephane Dufour, Gerard Garouste, Pierre Antoniucci, Michal Kwiatkowski, Alain Vaissiere, Luc Lanier, Eric Dumesny, Louis Blanc, Annie Sliwka, Raymond Berbiguier, BV Skin Art , Alain Gegout, Olivier Julia, Pierre Mouzat, Patrick Rogelet, Herve Simon, Smith Smith, Eymeric François, Evelyne Galinski, the Cassandre group, Christian Marini, Florian Eymann, Ben, Fernando Costa, Claude Roucard, Nelleke Smit, Laurens Heurtebise, Jak Espi, CharlElie Couture, Ynoxe, Vincent Pereira, Gaël Rouxeville, Myriam Baudin, Nina Urlichs, Walter Ciandrini, Stephane Gamelin, Berolli, Le Môme, Nicolas Rozier, Ülkü Yılmaz ...

The artistic Fund Maecene Arts

 We are collectors! As such engaged in the circulation, conservation and enhancement of works of Art. Our favorite sectors include curating exhibitions, communication, writing catalogs, sponsorship, partnerships, the art market. We support the creation and originality of artistic approaches, promising talents, without taking into account the effects of fashion or dominant thought.


The artists that we recommend to you, for a possible placement, are those whose works we have already bought for a long time. Each of our acquisitions is first the result of a crush and then that of an informed investment. Beyond the pleasure that these works provide, our qualities of experts and our professional experience are the guarantee of carefully daring choices. We will know how to support you and advise you on immediate values while investing in highly promising potentials.

In recent years we have built up in Maecene Arts a private collection of works whose value has been enriched, multiple museum pieces, today it is a collection of works. Many of our collectors are helping by providing us with major pieces that they have purchased. An exhibition of some works from the MA Fund stamped “investment” was presented in 2018 in Bordeaux on the occasion of the Andre Laban retrospective.


You are collectors, art lovers, you want to invest in Art, contact us.

Expertise reports, experience, quality, advice.

Discover the works available online on the pages dedicated to the artists. Buy art, thank you in advance.


Marie-Helene Barreau Montbazet

Vice-president of Maecene Arts

Doctor of art history

The Maecene Arts Foundation needs your support. Participate in the conservation of the works of the Maecene Arts Fund.