Olivier Julia

New creations

After months of work, sketches, patina tests, successes and failures, here is finally finished and installed the Way of the Cross of the church of St Robert, in Corrèze.

A fascinating work that raises many questions: sacred art or religious art? And what expression to choose in a troubled period ... talk to everyone, tell a story readable in different degrees ...

Fire painter

Olivier Julia was born on August 29, 1960 and lives near Brive la Gaillarde. Coming from a father of Russian origin and a Norman mother, fire has guided him for over 25 years on the metal paths.

He joined the artists supported by Maecene Arts in 2014.

Copper patinated on fire, magnified with transparent lacquers, grand feu enamels and other materials combine in a sumptuous and dreamlike universe. He is the painter of fire.