Welcome to Maecene Arts

The corporate purpose of the Maecene Arts Foundation is to promote artists by organizing free cultural events.


The Maecene Arts site presents in real time all the news of the artists and the Foundation, the milestone of 160,000 visitors was crossed in 2019 on all internet media, covering more than 135 countries.

A significant Top 15, France, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Singapore, Australia (Google sources), thus giving good visibility to our mutual artistic model .


The recognized quality of the artists makes their works an indisputable investment. Maecene Arts allows you to combine pleasure, facilitated transmission and a tax opportunity. Invest in artists supported by Maecene Arts is an undisputed investment.

Thank you for your support. Good navigation.


Laurent Cadeau

President of Maecene Arts

Support artists, become collectors

It is time to support artists during their lifetime  before foreign investors do it for us ...

As for collectors and informed art lover, it is easier to "like" than to make a concrete commitment by buying.

The works of artists supported by Maecene Arts are still very accessible. 


We cannot help artists indefinitely without your support: they need you as you need Art. "Don't ask what the artists can do for you, ask you what you can do for them" to paraphrase who you know. Contact us to know the available works on line. Buy art, thank you in advance.


Marie-Helene Barreau Montbazet

Vice-president of Maecene Arts

Doctor of art history