The artists and the board of directors wish you happy holidays


Maecene Arts 2022

Conferences in Cannes

At the initiative of the Thalès Alenia Space CSE, we supported a conference on the rescue of the Cosquer cave. 

Next meeting on February 24 with Laurent Ballesta in Cannes, contact us

Subscription Monaco 2023

You can participate to the subscription for the exhibition of Andre Laban in 2023, April 01 - May 31. The Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco supports this project.

Catalog 2021

The 4th edition of the catalog is available.

224 pages, 1550 photos, new paintings and interviews included.

Catalog page 

New works, exhibitions, press

Myriam Baudin Pierre, Louis Blanc, Walter Ciandrini, Florian Eymann, Eymeric François, Alain Gegout

Christian Marini, Pierre Mouzat, Patrick Rogelet, Gaël Rouxeville, Smith Smith, Nina Urlichs