Andre Laban Monaco 2023

You can participate to the subscription for the exhibition of Andre Laban in 2023, April 01 - May 31. The Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco supports this project.

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Research on Pierre Bernotte

After Bernotte's Mona Lisa, his wife Marie-Thérèse is once again honored with 3 uncovered portraits from 1950, 1960 and 1970.

These are indeed the first paintings made by Pierre Bernotte, we have also been able to list landscapes.

A research work has been launched in order to produce a catalog of Pierre Bernotte's works, thank you in advance for your help.

New works, exhibitions

Myriam Baudin Pierre, Berolli, Louis Blanc, BV Skin Art, Walter Ciandrini, Florian Eymann

Alain Gegout, Christian Marini, Pierre Mouzat, Claude Roucard, Gaël Rouxeville, Smith Smith, Nina Urlichs, Alain Vaissiere