Exhibition, works

Nina Urlichs

Contemporary drawing

Born on March 23, 1969 in Nuremberg in Germany, Nina Urlichs lives and works in Paris. With a very assertive international career.

Nina Urlichs is a visual artist, a designer. 

His creations are representative of what is today called contemporary drawing. 

The traditional drawing extends in his works to a graphic universe made of montages, medial combinations which mix traces, painting, transfer technique. 

She joined the artists referenced Maecene Arts in 2019.

She develops a reflection on human encounters in the world we live in and who lives in us; a changing nature and environment which are in the image of his layered compositions, his spaces of three-dimensional resonances. These figures, these bodies that we discover, are born from fortuitous daily encounters; they are relatives or anonymous, drawn from life and whose apparent identity evaporates, universalizes.