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Nu  1600 euros

(19,68 x 39,37 inch) Acrylic on canvas

Sainte Victoire 1400 euros

(15,74 x 31,49 inch) Acrylic on canvas

Underwater painting

Andre Laban is a pioneer of the Cousteau team and an internationally famous underwater painter.

Born in Marseille, October 19, 1928, Andre Laban embarked in 1952 as the chemical engineer on board the Calypso. He  is a World-renowned French diver, photographer, author, and painter. Andre Laban, was a pioneering member Jacques-Yves Cousteau's Calypso team, serving as chief engineer and diver. He developed early underwater cameras that were used in shooting The Silent World, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 1956.

Andre Laban shot several films in the Cousteau Odyssey series, co-directed three, and his distinctive bald-head can been seen in several Cousteau films. From 1956-1966, he was Director of the French Office Underwater Search. From 1966, he began to paint his underwater images, which are internationally acclaimed and collected worldwide.

In 1996 he won the Palme d’Or at the World Festival Underwater Images in Antibes, for his film, ‘Iris and Oniris.’ A collection of the photographs he produced from 1973 to 1983 has been published as ‘One Bald Man,’ released in 2007. Andre Laban is the recipient of numerous international awards.

He is the artist who supported Maecene Arts Foundation since 2013.

Passion of blue

Andre Laban is a man of legend and is known in the world as the first artist painting under water, his Passion of blue.

Media personality

Art criticism, tribute

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