Patrick Rogelet

Oil in pencil

Patrick Rogelet was born on August 05, 1966 in Toulon and lives near Cognac. Artist recognized as a prodigy of colored pencil. He represented Caran d'Ache a few years ago at international fairs in Paris, Frankfort, Zurich and Geneva.


He joined the artists referenced Maecene Arts in 2013.

Painting fascinates him and he experiences it through the colored pencil. He parodies it with so much talent that she manages, while remaining absent, to make people forget the drawing hidden there and reveals it.

The relationship between paint and colored pencils remains ambiguous; they seem to be both wanted (in their convergence) and dodged (painting is diverted). We slide with confusion and fascination from one medium to another.

Drawing with pencils becomes painted matter just like words are verbal matter.

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