Pierre Bernotte

Bernotte's tarot

A card game that reminds us that during the darkest moments of the war, even in the worst dictatorships, it was essential to get together around a deck of cards. The eyes could still cross around a table to talk about the absurdity of war, play, dream. Bernotte, like many Surrealists, created this card game, a tarot out of his imagination. "So let’s play!" said Breton to stand up, to dream of the world among friends around emblems such as the flame of love, the star of dream, the wheel of revolution, the lock of knowledge. The means are rudimentary, the sketches, the cards are used because they lived, they were touched, they were exchanged.

There was no loser recalled Eluard. Let us not forget those moments of essential humanity which for the first time in history are confiscated by the authorities.


Marie-Helene Barreau Montbazet

Vice President of Maecene Arts

Doctor of Art History


Pierre Bernotte is a French painter born on February 19, 1929 in Lubersac and died in Limoges on July 13, 1996.


A committed and unclassifiable man, he seduces the painter photographer Raoul Hausmann, figurehead of Dadaism, who took refuge in Limoges during the Second World War. They make a short film together "The man who is afraid of bombs".


A dynamic work which is not limited to a style. Theatrical communication, different languages, different vectors, adaptations, movements, translations, constant questioning.

We are faced with an artistic "polyphony". The artist creates, improvises, experiments with an unquenchable thirst.

He joined the artists referenced Maecene Arts at the request of his daughter Véronique in 2014.

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