Art criticism, tribute

The Mona of Bernotte discovered

A portrait of a woman by Pierre Bernotte highlighted after the auction of the Vasarely Foundation.

The codes of Leonardo da Vinci are there, we had them before our eyes.

The bust positioned three-quarters, pointing its gaze towards the viewer, has a mirror effect.

The oval of the face is actually turned slightly to the right in relation to the Mona Lisa.

By detailing the drawing, we find the drape of the garment, the veil, the curly hair with a parting, the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose and the half smile… everything is there.

A happy woman who can only be compared to Marie-Thérèse Bernotte, his wife, a beautiful tribute 500 years later.


Laurent Cadeau

President of Maecene Arts

The tarot of Pierre Bernotte

A card game that reminds us that during the darkest moments of the war, even in the worst dictatorships, it was essential to come together around a card game. Eyes could then still meet around a table to talk about the absurdity of war, to play, to dream. Bernotte, like many Surrealists at the time, created this card game, a tarot out of his imagination.

"So let's play! said Breton to stand up, to dream of the world between friends around emblems such as the flame of love, the star of dreams, the wheel of revolution, the lock of knowledge. The means are rudimentary, the drawings sketched, the cards are used because they have lived, they have been touched, exchanged.


There was no loser recalled Eluard. Let us not forget those moments of essential humanity which for the first time in history are confiscated from us by the authorities.


Marie-Helene Barreau Montbazet

Vice-president of Maecene Arts

Doctor of Art History