Guy Salesse


Guy Salesse was born in Limoges on July 19, 1929. He joined the artists supported by Maecene Arts in 2013.


Talking with him, especially listening to him (knowing that he is deaf) is a privilege and a pleasure. He expresses himself with the same bright colors, the same passion as in his paintings.


As soon as it is launched, it becomes inexhaustible. Voluble, curious about everything, nourished by experiences, by culture, he has a truly moving, engaging, captivating personality. He is an observer all in finesse, sensitivity, modesty, respect, listening not to words of course, but to looks, atmospheres, feelings, of each little one has chosen that we lose hearing too much. 

He paints with a brush, portrays with words places and people he understands and loves, he is a poet, a writer, a traveler who takes his time, an explorer of the soul, a sociologist, a dreamer, a complete artist, out of the ordinary.

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