Pierre Mouzat


A monumental sculpture in Brive

Sculptor of balance

Born on January 09, 1958, Pierre Mouzat lives and works in Brive la Gaillarde. Winner of a national competition for the realization of the bust of François Mitterrand erected in the gardens of Château-Chinon.

He joined the artists referenced Maecene Arts in 2013.

While many of us fear and try to hide the passage of time, old age and the apparent transformations that follow irreparably, the artist has always feared not knowing this future, this improbable journey at the end of time. 

The innovative specificity of his sculptures is that they have no base. It is all the sensitive trembling of the being which is both in balance and perfectly stable despite its apparent fragility, its enlarged members, often bent or contorted.

The absence of support makes the sculptures all the more lively and integrates them directly into our space.